Firefighters: Is our chemically treated gear making us sick?

After he retired from decades of work as a firefighter, Air Force veteran Jeffrey Hermes received devastating news: He had an “aggressive” form of prostate cancer, despite no family history of the disease. Now he’s worried about his exposure to harmful chemicals from both the firefighting foam he used and the very gear he woreContinue reading “Firefighters: Is our chemically treated gear making us sick?”

'Into the unknown': Navy plans PFAS tests at Md. base

LEXINGTON PARK, Md. — Despite the Navy’s assurances, residents near an air base by the Chesapeake Bay are worried about whether chemicals are contaminating their water. The military looms large in St. Mary’s County, where Navy, Marine Corps and Army banners hang in a cafe near Naval Air Station Patuxent River and residents rely onContinue reading “'Into the unknown': Navy plans PFAS tests at Md. base”

Veterans lobby Congress to fully fund conservation program

Veterans asked for full and permanent funding of the Land and Water Conservation Fund in meetings with congressional offices yesterday. As volunteers from the Vet Voice Foundation popped in and out, some lawmakers decided to sign on to the LWCF bill. “I met with Sen. Martha McSally, who’s my senator from the great state ofContinue reading “Veterans lobby Congress to fully fund conservation program”

Conservative activists look to embolden GOP allies on climate

Nearly 100 conservative activists visited 76 Republican congressional offices yesterday to discuss a topic that some GOP members often avoid — climate change solutions. Volunteers from Citizens’ Climate Lobby spent a day on Capitol Hill to highlight the importance of climate action from Republicans. “It would mean a lot to hear that leadership coming fromContinue reading “Conservative activists look to embolden GOP allies on climate”

Meet ‘The Bee Lady’ Of Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON — On an evening in late March, Jan Day is standing outside her red brick rowhouse in Capitol Hill holding a white helmet fastened with black netting. Day’s 8-year-old airedale terrier, Echo, barks as she strolls past the garden, toward the back of her house. Neighbors driving by in a white car wave andContinue reading “Meet ‘The Bee Lady’ Of Capitol Hill”

In speech to new U.S. governors, Gov. Tom Wolf shares Pa.’s experience fighting opioid abuse

WASHINGTON — Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf told officials from 33 states and territories Monday that his state’s efforts to reduce one of the highest opioid death rates in the country were built on creating 45 centers to address the mental health and behavioral issues that lead to addiction. Although the data has not been fully reportedContinue reading “In speech to new U.S. governors, Gov. Tom Wolf shares Pa.’s experience fighting opioid abuse”

Zebrafish are making waves for limb regeneration research

WASHINGTON, April 3 — Could humans regrow their limbs? Researchers are considering this possibility as they study the regrowth of tail fins and other organs in zebrafish. Zebrafish are a member of the minnow family that live in freshwater and are no bigger than two inches in length. Despite their small size, this fish hasContinue reading “Zebrafish are making waves for limb regeneration research”

Biological and chemical weapons: the other threats from North Korea

  When it comes to North Korea, all eyes are on nuclear weapons, but the lack of attention toward chemical and biological capabilities weakens defense against potential attacks, according to experts in the field.   After the breakdown of talks between the United States and Pyongyang last week, the future of not only nuclear weapons but biologicalContinue reading “Biological and chemical weapons: the other threats from North Korea”

Former Afghani Refugee Gives Back to Community

When he lived outside a metro station in Paris, Shikhali Mirzai received a sleeping bag, tent, and clothes from a student group dedicated to aiding refugees in the city. The kind gesture stayed with the then-22-year-old, who now helps the group distribute similar packages to new arrivals. “[Many Parisians] think refugees are like terrorists. SomeContinue reading “Former Afghani Refugee Gives Back to Community”